I'm Navit Rabbi , The person behind Idée.

I've graduated from the "Shankar" College of Design, as well as completed a degree in marketing and fashion.

During my studies I started working in the local fashion industry, and in my second year of studies I did an internship in Spain.

Since completing my studies, I have been working for over a decade in the local fashion industry as a fashion designer.

After my maternity leave, I decided that I want to invest  my experience and great passion creating  women's clothing, adapting the fashion to consistent with my way of thinking and my design.

In 2010, I established the brand Idée, a line which combines a raw creative process, with careful research.

Each design begins with an idea, peaking in creative thinking and board research ,combines creativity  and culminates with the final result, a process that mirrors my own personal life.

Idée is a premium line for women's clothing and accessories ,which stands for individual work ,the clothes are produced in small series, all garments are unique and highly crafted, like a finger-print no two garments are exactly identical, all the garments are hand made, and "imperfections" are part of the garment personality.

The clothes are made by women and for women.